Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Song

It's 9:02 and overcast
the laundry's in
the kitten's bad
when no sun comes
don't feel like day
don't feel like day
my bones a ache
and I got lists
and bills to pay
the floors need sweep
the tub needs scrub
the kitten knocks a pitcher down
a break a plate
a break a bone
a brush the hair
a clean window
my feet too hurt
no walk today
but clean them floors 
a heave-ho-hey!
make soup a pot
pick beans from stones
and lie like dead
when all it's done.


downtown guy said...

I have some pink bean soup, want some?

Ms. Moon said...

Oh! I need to bring you collard greens! That was a lovely Monday song and I'm sorry your bones ache.

Miss Maybelle said...

DTG- Spanks, but I'm making garbage soup and if I don't make it today it will just be garbage. Heh. Maybe I will make kitten soup....
Mama- yes, I need collard greens. If not this week then maybe Sunday?

downtown guy said...

Mmm, kitten soup. Mind the claws!

Miss Maybelle said...

I'll give you a quarter for every claw you find.

juancho said...

you ain't got no kittens do you?

Miss Maybelle said...

I have one kitten. She is biting me right now. Her name is Lupita, but sometimes I call her Pussyfoot.

Petit fleur said...

I have found the perfect way to battle the blues. Even if it's just temporary... You may have to copy and past these addys into your browser window, because they do not seem to translate on the blogger. Anyway, please do it!
xo pf

honeyluna said...

I love this poem! I don't love how your bones hurt you, or how Miss. Pussyfoot bites you (she is a bad kitten), but I do love you!