Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For Lily.

Plus, I was getting tired of looking at all that meat.


Ms. Moon said...

Soon enough. Can you believe it?
Soon enough.
Lovely picture.
I love you...Mama

Petit fleur said...

I agree, the new picture is ever so much better! Is it anyone we know??

michelle said...

That's a pretty meaty baby...
very cute
happy baby meat

erin said...

Is no one else concerned that the baby is going to fall out of that chair. Strap her down! ;)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

How adorable!

I love you. Hope the job is going well.

downtown guy said...

That baby is so stoked.

May said...

Mama Ms. Moon- I KNOW! I am so excited, I'm dreaming babies all night every night.

Petit Fleur- Yes, the picture is ever so much better and no, not anyone we know. It's from the Life Magazine archives. But I will say we've known some pretty cute babies, one of which thanks to you.

Michelle- Happy baby meat! I love that! There's another one in the same series that I'll have to post just for that.

Erin- Babies back in the day didn't fall out of chairs! That's why they didn't have straps. I think that baby is okay, it's not a high chair.

SB! I love you too. The job is going well. I just wish people tipped a little more than they do, but whatever, the economy's bad. At least I have a job.

DTG- That baby is SO stoked! That's why I chose that picture. I love it when a baby gets so excited that he tenses up his whole little muscley body and lifts up like he's going to go whizzing around the room. Of course, I just reread Peter Pan, so maybe that's why I'm thinking about flying babies.

Lily said...

Yay for baby pictures! Thank you for thinking of me, I feel like Owen and I are on everyone's minds. It is kind of weird, but I like it. I love you and hope to see you soon.

Elizabeth said...

Love the picture.